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Wellness Club BIOSFERA

Wellness Club BIOSFERA

Making a choice, a man always tries to find the most profitable offer and take the right decision. 

When choosing a fitness club, each of us wants to get:

- convenient location,

- wide range of services included,

- skilled personnel,

- favorable price,

- quality service and individual approach.

Would you like to have all your questions answered before making the decision? We are answering the most important ones.


Why do wellness (fitness)?

In the modern world there is not a single reasonable person who would not agree that keeping fit (physically and emotionally) is a warrant of health and longevity. We will teach you to plan your workouts, eat healthy without exhausting diets, recover fast and be always full of energy and power.

We will teach you to live in harmony with yourselves!

Why is it important to have a club next to your office?

All people are conventionally divided into “night owls” and “early birds”. For both, a club next to the office is maximally convenient. If you are slow to get ready and get yourself going in the morning, aqua aerobics sessions will help you perk up, as water is the most powerful energy booster. Besides, exercising in the morning in a club just a few steps away from your office you certainly won’t be late for work. For “early risers”, morning workouts are an opportunity to make best use of early energy, activate all body systems, mental activity and capacity to work.

Which club to choose – a well-known brand or a non-chain club?

The answer to this question lies in your real needs. What do you want to get from the club – a card with a well-known name in your wallet or achievement of results within your deadline? If you choose the latter, will you be able to pursue your individual program at the machines you need and the time convenient for you? And if it is in the morning – will you be able to get to work fast after your workout? Will you be able to choose a card according to your preferences or will you have to buy whatever the club offers you without any choice? The decision is yours. We, in our turn, have devised a number of unique offers available for our corporate partners only.

Why Biosfera?

Our club’s current members consider this question a rhetorical one. Joining our family, you’ll understand why this question does not require an answer.

Biosfera’s undeniable advantages:

· High standards of service. The club was founded in 2002, has its history and traditions, is stable in its operation and quality of service.

· Your security! The club has no strangers, only clients with long-term contracts.

· Innovative technologies and exclusive equipment not to be found in any other Moscow club.

· Comfort and unique custom interior design.

· Combination of fitness gyms, aquazone, SPA salon and restaurant in one club.

· Not only a wellness club but a business club as well with top managers and influential persons among its members. 

Welcome to Biosfera!